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Wednesday 07th of December 2016

Category: Desktop-Enhancements/Themes

AD Water Mill - Animated Desktop Wallpaper 3.11

Author: EleFun Multimedia
Operation System: Windows All
License: Shareware
Size: 3.29 MB
Date: 2007-02-14

In its product range the Elefun Company has released a new theme "Water-mill" for the Animated Desktop Wallpapers and

Preserving photographic quality of the picture "Water-mill" is full of vivid colours and those who enjoy watching the water flow will like it very much. All the animated objects, butterflies and birds, were made with the 3d technologies application.

The water-mill is also animated: its water-wheel is turning, you can even hear the wooden creak and the water splashes.

Moreover, "Water-mill" contains the function of the time of day changing. Everything here, on the bank of the small river, is like in any corner of the world - butterflies quietly fluttering over the
grass and birds flying in the sky.

You can't imagine this place without this water-mill, life here goes round it. The paddles of the water-mill are spinning and scooping water. Water gives life to the water-mill and makes its water-wheel

Sitting on the bank of the river, you can watch the water flow gently turning round the stones, which stick out from the bottom,
and then flowing further under the snag fallen from the bank.

Everything here is full of peace and harmony. Sometimes later
the evening comes, and then the night replaces it.

Everything changes at night. Butterflies turn to fireflies, which fly over the grass, twirling and gleaming in darkness. However, the water-mill doesn't stop its wheel even at night because the water also doesn't stop its flow.

Then comes the morning, which turns to the day, and everything remains the same as yesterday. The "Water-mill" is very showy and meditative.


Processor: Pentium or AMD 600MHz processor (or equivalent)
Memory: 64 MB RAM
Video: 4 MB Windows Compatible SVGA video card
Sound: Windows Compatible Sound Card
Hard Disk Space: 50 MB free

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