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Sunday 04th of December 2016

Category: Desktop-Enhancements/Themes

BioniX Wallpaper

Author: Cubic Software Design
Operation System: Windows All
License: Freeware
Size: 2.21 MB
Date: 2006-12-22

BioniX Wallpaper gives you a very customizable desktop manager that cycles wallpapers so that your desktop will always look new and fresh. In order to be more user friendly, the latest version come with a new button: the "get wallpapers" button, wich guides you to thousands of superb FREE wallpapers.

BioniX Wallpaper supports JPG, GIF, BMP, ICO, EMF image files. Soon it will support more image types. You can set the cycling time between 1 second and 59 hours. Like Winamp, Bionix Wallpaper gives you the posibility to gather images from all over the hardisk in one playlist, without changing their physical location.

The images can be stored in different directories or on different harddisks / drives. Also, you can make multiple tematic playlists and switch between them whenever you want to. It is easy to interact with the playlists through "Playlist Editor" or "playlist panel" from the main window.

This wallpaper cyler supports more then 50.000 image files in one playlist.
The images from the playlist are displayed by the wallpaper changer randomly / shuffle or continuously. While running, the wallpaper manager skips invalid image files (that don't exist any more in your computer).

Also, like Winamp, BioniX Wallpaper cycler has playlist navigation, which permits you to go back and next through the images. On Windows 98, it switches automatically between Active Desktop and normal desktop.

BioniX Wallpaper has, in adition to the well known tile / stretch / center functions, 2 new smart functions: * smart stretch (if some of your pictures are bigger or a little smaller than your desktop size, BioniX will make them fit) and * smart tile (if some of your pictures are tiny, BioniX will tile them). This program has an incredible fast algorithm for displaying images / refreshing the desktop.

BioniX Wallpaper cycler uses low resources.

Here are some key features of "BioniX Wallpaper":
PURE freeware! No nag screens, no addware, no commercials, no spyware.
Only 2MB (few wallpapers included). No need for a fast computer. It won't eat your computer's memory.
System independent. It will install NO single file (DLL, ActiveX, updates, registry) in you operating system.
Skinable. Winamp style interface. Really easy to learn how to use it.
Advanced playlist editor.
Fully customizable.
Embedded screen saver

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