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Saturday 10th of December 2016

Category: Desktop-Enhancements/Themes

Golden Water Windows 7 Theme 1.00

Author: Windows7Theme
Operation System: Windows 7
Size: 14.3 MB
Date: 2010-12-22

If you like nature and the sceneries that is offers to us daily then you will love the photos this theme has to offer.Golden Water Windows 7 Theme is a beautiful theme dedicated to the awesome art of nature when it often paints the water bodies on earth with golden colors especially during sunrise and sunsets. The golden color created naturally on water surfaces through reflection is one of the most beautiful and enchanting sights of nature and this Windows 7 Theme is dedicated to the same. The golden color lasts only for a few minutes during suitable weather conditions before it turns orange and red and disappears into darkness and so capturing the same is a bit difficult.

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