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Tuesday 06th of December 2016

Category: Office-tools/Fax-Telephony

MySkype 1.0

Author: Sandhills Software
Operation System: Windows 2K/XP/2003
License: Shareware
Size: 9.96 MB
Date: 2006-11-20

You can use your mobile phone or any telephone that is caller id enabled, you simply call your SkypeIn PSTN number to gain immediate access to the power of Skype international calling.

Whether you are traveling on business, at work, at school or on the golf course; you can be notified instantly of new Skype voice messages, quickly listen to your Skype voice mail from any phone and place a call using Skype to anyone in the world using your mobile phone or any telephone!

Remote access to Skype Voice Messages

At any time, you can call your SkypeIn number from any telephone number listed in the Dial In Permissions to listen your Skype voice messages and place Skype calls.Using MySkype you can listen to your Skype voice messages, call the sender, skip to the next message and delete messages using the keypad on your telephone.

SMS Notifications

MySkype continuously monitors your Skype account and When someone calls and leaves you a new Skype voice message, MySkype automatically sends a text message (SMS Notification) to the mobile phone telephone number designated in your MySkype Setup.

Placing Skype Calls: Toll Bypass

MySkype give you the ability to place a Skype call to any of your Skype contacts or any PSTN number from any telephone or mobile phone anywhere in the world. With MySkype your can dial by name using MySkype voice recognition, dial by PSTN number or dial by Skype speed dial number.

MySkype gives you the freedom to call anyone, anywhere at any time!

Skype version 2.5 or higher
Skype Voice Mail

15 day trial
some MySkype features will not be available

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