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Saturday 03rd of December 2016

Category: Multimedia/Video/Video-Recording

WMNicEnc 1.02 beta

Author: Nic
Operation System: Windows All
License: Freeware
Size: 31.4 KB
Date: 2006-11-20

WMNicEnc - A Windows Media 9/VC-1 Encoder that takes AviSynth scripts as input.

You can get the new VC-1 codec by installing the WMP11 beta, or downloading the beta, opening the exe file with Winzip (or another compression software), and extract and install the wmfdist11.exe file.


If using anything with VBR (including Audio) use Multipass encoding.

You can use this to encode just from Wav to WMA

If you want to do DVD conversion then decode the AC3 to WAV (use Azid, etc)
& use DGDecode.DLL & DVD2AVI to do the normal d2v to get a script like:
a = MPEG2Source("e:ripdvd.d2v").BicubicResize(640, 256)
b = WavSource("e:ripfile.wav").DelayAudio(-0.80) # if you need it delayed by -80ms

(Load this .avs in VirtualDub before, just to make sure it works correctly!)

I dont know what I need to have 5.1 audio support, ill work on that ;)

Many things need to be tidied, like at present you could Select MPEG-4 V3 & try & do VBR
multipass encoding (which will not really work correctly)

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