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Sunday 11th of December 2016

Category: Network-Tools/Network-Information

IT Monitor 3.0

Author: CBR Software
Operation System: Windows NT/2K/XP/2003
License: Shareware
Size: 66.6 MB
Date: 2006-11-19

IT Monitor is the leading solution for monitoring every aspect of your LAN and WAN network.
It proactively manages your network servers, printers, network devices, databases and applications; It detects and corrects problems before network users start complaining. The product is extremely scalable. It's shipped with an impressive collection of pre-defined, built-in monitoring functions;

When problems are detected, you're immediately notified by network message, e-mail, or SMS message.

The product includes build-in monitor rules for: Disk Drives, CPU Usage, Disk Spaces, FTP sites, HTTP(s) (with content checking), ICMP/Ping, MS SQL Databases, Novell NDS, NNTP news servers, NTDS (NT4 compatible DS), NTP time servers, ODBC Databases, Oracle Databases (SQLNet), POP3 Mail servers, Printers, Processes, Services, SMTP Mail servers, SNMP, TCP ports (with handshaking), UDP, URL,MS Exchange,Oracle,MS SQL,MySQL,DNS,CISCO,DHCP,SNMP,ATG Server,SUN Server

Here are some key features of "IT Monitor":
Application Statistics
Is the database functional and able to accept queries?
Is the FTP server functional and able to retrieve files?
Is the mail server accepting requests?
Is a downloads page of your Web site available?
Server Statistics
What is the percentage of CPU currently in use?
How much disk space is currently in use on your system?
How much virtual memory is currently in use?
What is the throughput of your web server?
Network Statistics
Is the DNS server accepting requests?
Is a host on the network available?
Can the IP address for a specific domain be obtained?
Can connection be made to a specific port?
Other Statistics
Has the text on your web page has been modified?
Is your Web site up and available?
Start Another test
Start/Stop service
Start/Stop Application
Send Mail

Requirements: 256 MB RAM 250 MB free disk space

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