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Sunday 04th of December 2016

Category: Desktop-Enhancements/Themes

Red Hot Lava Windows 7 Theme 1.00

Author: Windows7Theme
Operation System: Windows 7 / 7 x64
Size: 17.9 MB
Date: 2010-09-11

Red Hot Lava Windows 7 Theme will enhance your desktop with amazing images of the incredible natural phenomenon of expulsion of red hot lava by volcanoes during eruption. The molten rocks which comprises lava are formed in the interior of the earth and expelled during a volcanic eruption. The temperature of the liquid lava ranges from 700 °C to 1,200 °C (1,300 °F to 2,200 °F) when it first erupts from a volcano. Lava can be upto 10000 times more viscous than water and hence, it can flow great distances before cooling and solidifying. This Windows 7 Theme contains 10 backgrounds of red hot lava and all of the backgrounds are of 1920 x 1200 resolution like the rest of our themes

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