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Friday 09th of December 2016

Category: Network-Tools/Network-Information

Net Traker 1.0

Author: Karthik
Operation System: Windows All
Size: 88 KB
Date: 2010-08-30

The Net Traker application was developed to be a simple tool which can be used to check the network connection to a particular machine continuously and gives an indication to the user about the connection status at all times. This program displays a Red Icon in the system Tray if the network connection is broken and a Green Icon if the Connection is estrablished. This application can also be used to get the IP address of any machine using its host name. For ex: if we give " giasbg01.vsnl.net.in " in the IpAddr/Name edit box the applciation displays the ip address in the Caption bar of the applcation.

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