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Sunday 04th of December 2016

Category: Multimedia/Video/Video-Recording

Video2Photo 1.0

Author: pixelchain.com
Operation System: Windows 2K/XP
License: Freeware
Size: 1.64 MB
Date: 2006-03-01

Video2Photo is a simple, but powerful, software frame grabber which can capture individual frames from a video source.

With Video2Photo you can easily capture frames from your DV Camcorder/Digital Camera/Internet Camera or from a Windows AVI, QuickTime or MPEG file.

Video2Photo gives also the possibility to apply Image Processing effects (e.g. Deinterlace, Lighten, Resample, etc.) on extracted frames before they are saved.
Additionally you can superimpose text over the extracted photos and name each file as you want.
Depending on the installed DV drivers, you can control the DV Deck. The application is easy to understand (wizard like).

Video2Photo can import:

Single frames from a Digital or Analog Camcorder

Single frames or sequence of frames from a video file (AVI, WMV, MPEG-I, MPEG-II, MPEG-4. etc.)

Single frames from an Internet Video Stream (experimental)

Video2Photo can export:

Uncompressed BMP or compressed JPEG file sequences

HTML Web Gallery

Macromedia Shockwave Files (SWF)

Windows AVI with compatible Video for Windows Codecs (DivX, Indeo, Cinepak, Microsoft Video, Autodesk FLC)

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