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Friday 09th of December 2016

Category: Multimedia/Video/Video-Recording

VideoPhill Recorder 1.4.360

Author: VideoPhill.com
Operation System: Windows XP / Vista
Size: 583 KB
Date: 2009-12-04

VideoPhill Recorder represents an inexpensive application for archiving large volumes of video material for purpose of later analisys.VideoPhill produces Windows Media files that contain both a video and an audio stream.  The video signal is captured using one of the supported Osprey video capture cards and combined with the audio signal from one of the available audio sources, encoded and finally written to file.By using audio and video compression, you can store many hours of video, even months, on inexpensive disks of even 320 GB.The encoded files are split and saved in chunks of half an hour in length.  This way you can archive many days of video/audio.  The only limit is the size of your storage units (hard disks) and is reversely proportional to the quality of the saved stream.If you want better quality video, fewer days can be stored in the same amount of disk space.  Here is a table of archive length vs. video quality vs. hard disk space required. You can use it to estimate your space requirements.VideoPhill Recorder can also provide you with replay for your favourite TV station.VideoPhill Recorder uses software compression algorithms that will enable many *days* of video to be captured to inexpensive hard disk storage. Here are some key features of "VideoPhill Recorder":

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