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Saturday 10th of December 2016

Category: Office-tools/Fax-Telephony

Multi-Contactor 2.1

Author: Growth Concepts LLC
Operation System: Windows All
Size: 630 KB
Date: 2009-10-23

Multi-Contactor integrates with outlook or express's database (or other contact managers of your choice in), and has a built-in function to leave voice messages with emailing and faxing.Multi-Contactor is a 4 in 1 console that will make cold calling easier.Create the templates and pre-recorded voice message (see below) and you are ready to start prospecting for permission to get the close This tool is specifically geared for poking around for that right contact in a company-you might have the title but not the name. Advance the lead to closing quicker and easier with emailing, faxing and leaving a voice message.Designed for getting past gatekeeper and leaving a prerecorded message. Integrates with Outlook Express. Increases average cold calls per hour with this specialized tool. Reach more contacts. Saves time with specialized features of speed dialing- no more misdials and redials are a press of one button. Plus leaves a custom pre-recorded message. Reach more prospects per hour resulting in a higher closing ratio than other calling tools. After reaching the decision maker one push and contact data goes into outlook. Advance the lead to closing quicker and easier with the extra features in this tool. Integrates with windows xp or vista and outlook express. Works with vonage and skype.Requirements:· voice, data, fax modemLimitations:· 30 days trial· no scripting screen What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

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