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Monday 05th of December 2016

Category: Multimedia/Graphic/Graphic-Viewers

RIA-Media Viewer 1.4.3

Author: RIA-Media
Operation System: Windows All
Size: 2.8 MB
Date: 2009-01-14

RIA-Media Viewer is a powerful universal viewer that lets you view photos, videos, fonts and other media files.

Supported formats:


bmp - Microsoft Windows Bitmap formatted image
cut - Dr. Halo image file
dcx - Fax image (based on PCX)
dds - The DirectDraw Surface graphics file format was established by Microsoft for use with the DirectX SDK
emf - Enhanced (Windows) MetaFile, an extension to WMF
ico - a file format used for icons in Microsoft Windows
gif - CompuServe's Graphics Interchange Format
jpg - a lossy image format widely used to display photographic images
jpeg - a lossy image format widely used to display photographic images
lbm - Deluxe Paint image file
lif - Pattern File
mdl - 3D Model File
pcd - Kodak Photo-CD
pcx - a lossless format used by ZSoft's PC Paint, popular at one time on DOS systems
pic - PC Paint
png - Portable Network Graphic
pnm - Portable Any Map graphic bitmap image
psd - Adobe Photoshop Drawing
psp - Paint Shop Pro image
raw - General term for minimally processed image data (acquired by a digital camera)
sgi - Silicon Graphics Image
tga - Truevision TGA (Targa) image
tif - Tagged Image File Format
wal - Texture file (Quake 2)
act - Adobe Color Table. Contains a raw color palette and usually
pal - Color palette (Microsoft)
wmf - Windows Meta File

mp3 - MPEG Layer 3
wav - Microsoft Wave
wma - Windows Media Audio

avi - AVI is a shell, which enables any form of compression to be used; MPEG-1 and a variant of MPEG-4 are common
mov - QuickTime, a container format, which enables any form of compression to be used
mpg - MPEG video file
mpeg - MPEG video file
wmv - Windows Media Video
flv - A video file encoded to run in a flash animation

mdb - Microsoft Database (Access)
dbf - DBase, DBase III/IV/V, Microsoft FoxPro, Oracle

htm - HyperText Markup Language
html - HyperText Markup Language
xml - eXtensible Markup Language
xsl - XML Style Sheet
xslt - XML Style Sheet
swf - Macromedia Flash. Now Adobe Flash
pdf - Portable Document file (Adobe Acrobat)
ttf - TrueType Font

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