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Sunday 11th of December 2016

Category: Multimedia/Graphic/Graphic-Viewers


Author: Axel Rietschin Software Developements
Operation System: Windows XP/Vista
Size: 1.3 MB
Date: 2008-08-14

FastPictureViewer descriptionAn easy-to-use application that will display all your photos in fullscreen or in an adjustable windowThis software will help you speed up your digital workflow!

FastPictureViewer is perfect for quick single-image, full-screen chimping across massive amounts of multi-megapixels images, such as those produced by modern top digital cameras, within the viewing comfort of your huge computer display.

FastPictureViewer helps you work faster by taking advantage of the power of your modern multi-core / multi-processor machine and the incredible speed of your latest DirectX graphic accelerator, all working in concert to speed up your digital workflow and viewing experience to unprecedented levels.

Here are some key features of "FastPictureViewer":
Instant flip to the next image using either the keyboard, a mouse click or the mouse wheel.
Easy browsing of tens of thousands (yes!) of images, even in deeply nested subfolders.
Instant switch between fittowindow and 100% mode view from a single key press, with optional highquality image scaling.
Adobe XMP sidecar files creation (stores rating, labels, urgency settings in XMPcompliant metadata format).
Embedded metadata writer for JPEG files (Adobe XMP rating/labeling and Windows Vista rating).
Clickandhold instantaneous 100% zooming and configurable 50%6400% rightclick magnifier.
Seamless multiplesubfolders browsing, in one single continuous sequence (easily browse an entire drive at once).
Drag & drop support, drop a folder or a set of files on FastPictureViewer to quickly view them.
Singleclick or single keystroke background copy of the "keepers" to a preset folder, without disruption of the viewing flow.
Plug'n'play integration with optional automatic browsing of inserted media or digital camera quickly view images straight off the camera.
Shell integration with "Open with FastPictureViewer..." contextmenu options for local folders and drives.
Instant automatic detection of new images added anywhere to the folder tree, while you browse ("hot folder" concept).
Multimonitor awareness and huge monitor support, with fullscreen borderless kiosk mode available at the press of a key.

User must install the Windows Imaging Component prior to install FastPictureViewer

NOTE: Free for personal use ONLY.

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