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Thursday 08th of December 2016

Category: Multimedia/Graphic/Graphic-Viewers

NovaVision 1.2

Author: ilya
Operation System: Windows 2K/XP/2003/Vista
Size: 333 KB
Date: 2008-06-04

NovaVision descriptionThis software utility abstracts from the information containing in ñoncrete file.NovaVision is intended for viewing files of any type. Unlike other programs of similar type NovaVision abstracts from the information containing in ñoncrete file. Instead of information, NovaVision displays data. Similar possible to see when viewing files in HEX editor, in which the information, encoded in file, is not visible. If the file contains the text, instead of the text in HEX the editor codes of symbols will be visible.

NovaVision instead of display of numerical values of codes represents them in the color scheme, thus to each code to be put in conformity brightness of color. The color matrix, representing data of a file as a result turns out. In the current version there are two modes of display of data: continuous and discontinuous. In both modes the file is represented one-dimensional sequence of byte - a string of data. At display the string of data keeps within on the screen line by line.

Therefore the width of a window of viewing is one of determining factors turning out as a result of color matrixes of a file. In a mode continuous the string of data keeps within on a surface of a window not being broken off anywhere, therefore the sequence of data is continuous - the nearby bytes a file are the nearby points of the image.

In a mode discontinuous the string of data keeps within on a surface of a window being broken off at transition to a new line. Therefore younger bytes a file in this case always are at the left (in the beginning of a line), and seniors - on the right (in the end of a line). In a mode discontinuous there are visible images written down in a file (and these images can be simple data arrays). NovaVision is not the tool for search of graphic resources or other sort of decoding of files.

NovaVision is intended for graphic presentation file data in the form of a color matrix, as addition to human sight to which the direct perception of data is inaccessible.

The project has two main purposes:
· To try to determine, whether there is in set of files a certain latent information. The information which was not purposefully coded in a file (text, graphic, etc.) but which reveals directly by the person at visual perception.
· To show, that the file is not easier data set, but something representing aesthetic value (some images shown NovaVision, are beautiful enough).

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