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Saturday 03rd of December 2016

Category: Multimedia/Graphic/Graphic-Viewers


Author: Ahmed Bahaa
Operation System: Windows All
License: Shareware
Size: 3.02 MB
Date: 2006-03-01

Aurelio is the world’s first photo and 3Dstereo image viewer that makes use of your vga card's hardware capabilities like programmable pixel shaders wich enables you to apply many image effects and control their intensity dynamicly by mouse wheel.

Aurelio’s list of features contains but not limited to the following features:

-OpenGl Acceleration of image display.

-Six pixel shader effects , four of them are adjustable by keyboard or mouse wheel and All of them Colud be applied on normal or stereo images. The program supports both Nvidia and ATI pixel shaders , for example using the detail effect the program can show you details dosn't exist in the original photo and the detail could be adjusted by mouse wheel , also you can convert a color picture to a black and white and dynamicly control the color intensity of the picture by mouse wheel like in the T.V. , in addition you can convert any photo to an art drawing to appear as if it was drawn by pen and these effects are only 3 out of six effects the program provides , these effects are only made possible by using Vga card hardware.

-Processor Optimized Jpeg and Jps file reading and thumbnail viewing (Pentium MMX , Pentium II , Pentium II and Pentium 4 Processors optimization) which provides a performance gain of up to 3.5 times the normal performance.
(AMD users can use the Pentium MMX optimization which provides an excellent performance gain above the normal performance).

-4 Different Benchmarks , one of them does six Pixelshader tests , another one does High precision Direct X 9.0 PixelShader 2.0 test , another one does Low precision Direct X 9.0 PixelShader 2.0 test and another one does a test with a current image and current configuration.

-Real time Dynamic zoom and pan .

-Bilinear filtering.

-Advanced Stereoscope support :
Color Stereo , Pure Red/Blue , Pure Red/Green and Gray Anaglyphs , Stereoimage Combiner ,Dynamic 3D Stereo zoom.

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