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Sunday 04th of December 2016

Category: Multimedia/Video/Video-Recording

RikPVR 2.2

Author: RikWare
Operation System: Windows XP/Vista
Size: 3.73 MB
Date: 2008-05-09

RikPVR descriptionThis is the easiest way to record TV on your PC.RikPVR is a powerful software application that makes TV recording a child's play.

RikPVR turns your PC into a Personal Video Recorder without taking it over. You continue to use your PC exactly as would normally while RikPVR handles all the recordings in the background.

RikPVR works with most DVB Terrestrial capture cards allowing you to capture free-to-air digital TV from any country using the DVB-T standard including Australia, the United Kingdom and Europe.

Here are some key features of "RikPVR":
Record a show in 1 click.
Set up in minutes using the easy to use configuration wizard.
Use all of your capture cards simultaneously - record different shows at the same time.
Record two shows from the same network on a single capture card.
Wakes up your computer from standby to record, and sends it back to sleep afterwards.
Works in any DVB-T country including Australia, United Kingdom and Europe.

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