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Saturday 03rd of December 2016

Category: Multimedia/Graphic/Graphic-Viewers

CFi HotShot 2.1.2

Operation System: Windows All
Size: 860 KB
Date: 2008-04-26

CFi HotShot descriptionImage viewer and slideshow controlThe CFi HotShot application was designed to be a fast, simple, but very flexible image viewer that supports many popular image-file formats. HotShot is fast-loading for quick display of a single image, and can display slideshows of all the images in a chosen folder (or just those that conform to a particular file type).

Supported file types include: JPEG, GIF (static and animated), Targa, TIFF, Windows Bitmap, icons, Windows Metafiles, PCX, PNG, PSP (Paint Shop Pro), Adobe PhotoShop, and more. You can also drop a single file or folder into HotShot.

With an image shown on screen, a single click lets you accomplish a lot: copy the image to the clipboard or to a different folder, print it, open it for editing with any graphics program installed on your system, zoom in or out, grayscale, rotate, export an image in a different file format, or view properties such as file size, color depth, number of colors used, and embedded comments.

You can also use the arrow keys on your keyboard to view the next or previous images in the same folder, or press Ctrl+A to view an automatic full-screen slideshow of images. Automatic slideshows run at the speed you choose (and you can pause and resume as you need to), but if you'd prefer more control you can run a 'clickthrough' slideshow which advances when you click the image or press an arrow-key.

For extra flexibility, a separate thumbnail-viewer window can be opened providing quick access and browsing of all images in the current folder.

All of HotShot's options and controls are gathered in a single context menu, and most options have a corresponding keystroke for easy keyboard control. Unlike many image viewers, HotShot does not make any changes to your existing file associations.

Here are some key features of "CFi HotShot":
Drag-and-drop support: quickly open a single image, or drag-and-drop a folder to run an automatic slideshow
Easy folder-browsing: use right and left arrow-keys to browse through the images in a folder
Slideshow control: run slideshows of a folder's images at a chosen automatic speed or by 'click-to-advance'
Supports all popular image formats: open almost any type of image, including GIF (static and animated), JPEG, Windows bitmap, compressed and uncompressed TIFF, targa, Photo CD, PNG, Windows icons, Windows metafiles, Paint Shop Pro and Adobe PhotoShop
Connect to any graphics program: open an image for editing in any installed application with a couple of mouse-clicks
Easy printing: print an image at full size by choosing Print and selecting option from the standard print dialog
Quick image copying: copy the current image to the clipboard with one keystroke, or to any folder with a couple of clicks
Export and convert: export images in Bitmap, JPEG, TIFF or PNG formats
Properties dialog: provides image information including dimensions and file size
Easy file-opening: just double-click the current image to open a new one!
Thumbnail viewer: provides easy browsing of all images in the current folder and access to the Windows context-menu for each image file

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