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Tuesday 06th of December 2016

Category: Multimedia/Graphic/Graphic-Viewers

Free&Easy Font Viewer 2.0

Author: Alexander G. Styopkin
Operation System: Windows All
Size: 853 KB
Date: 2008-04-15

FreeEasy Font Viewer descriptionIt gives you a program that will allow you to view the fonts installed on your systemFree&Easy Font Viewer is a small program that will allow you to view the fonts installed on your system. Comfortable and free way to preview the fonts installed on your system.

Have you got lots of fonts to choose from? Do you get annoyed every time you pick a font for a fancy birthday card or a web page logo because all the software you have is only capable of showing one font at a time? Help is at hand. Free&Easy Font Viewer gives you the opportunity to view all your installed fonts simultaneously.

Free&Easy Font Viewer definitely lives up to its name: it is both free and easy. Free&Easy Font Viewer shows you all the installed fonts (that is, those that are in the Fonts folder in your Control Panel) in one window. You can scale the fonts up and down and check out how they look in different font styles (bold, italic, underline, strike through).

Here are some key features of "FreeEasy Font Viewer":
browse through and preview any installed fonts
scalable font size
choose any font style (Bold, Italic, UnderLine, StrikeOut)
very simple and intuitive interface
no extra DLL's required
no nags, trial and etc

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