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Wednesday 07th of December 2016

Category: Multimedia/Graphic/Graphic-Viewers

Animation Viewer 1.00.3552

Author: Blaiz Enterprises
Operation System: Windows All
Size: 726 KB
Date: 2008-03-13

Animation Viewer descriptionAn application that gives you access to a tool with which you can view/edit transparent animations such as GIF, SAN, EAN...Animation Viewer is an application that will provide a realtime view/edit transparent animations (GIF, SAN, EAN...) and pictures (BMP, JPG, ICO...) with ease and seamless format to format conversion.

Here are some key features of "Animation Viewer by Blaiz Enterprises":
View animations in realtime
Animation Preview frame
Multiple graphic formats: BMP, WMF, EMF, JPG, JPGT - transparent jpeg, JIF, GIF - solid and transparent '89a', ICO - true color solid and transparent, PPM, PGM, PBM, XBM, TEP, ATEP, OMI, SAN, EAN (1. still / animated, solid / transparent jpeg, or, 2. still / animated, solid / transparent compressed bitmap - automatically defined by smallest file size - see our 'Information' page > 'Different Graphic Formats' topic for extra details), HTM / HTML - email signature
Definable format listing
Seamless format to format conversion
Retain SaveAs format - for multiple same format saving
Automatic scroll - definable speed, down / stop / up, continuous repeat
Transparent / Flip / Mirror
Delay in milliseconds (animation speed)
Pot Fill - create transparency, definable tolerance
Trim - automatically delete unused areas on all cells
Faster / slower speed options
Custom preview background color
Flash preview background color while scrolling
Bgcolor - switch preview background colors
Animation status bar readout: fps, cells, size width/height, bytes
Single click for Animations / Pictures / Cursors Support Folder listing
Edit SAN directly in Animator - from AV click 'View' tab > 'Edit'
Copy Cells / Paste Cells - convert animation to / from 'Image Strip' for external editing e.g. MS Paint, graphics package
Paste New - make your own 'Image Strip' in e.g. MS Paint, graphics package and copy to Clipboard. From Animation Viewer click 'Paste New' link - an 'Image Strip' Window will display, type number of cells in image strip (all equal width) - click 'OK' button. A 'Save Image' Window will display, type file name and select format - click 'Save' button
Copy As Text - copy animation to Clipboard as plain text. An example for use - a user defined graphic alongside 'Custom Translation' panel under 'Help / Information' (animated = ATEP or still = TEP automatically selected)
2x 'Save As / Paste From' options - Save / Open from multiple Folders - e.g. use as work hub
2x 'Send' options - copy animation to external Folders
2x 'Send Replace Prompt' options
2x Definable 'Send' Folders
Complementary Tool for Animated ArtCard Creations Package - Professional - effortlessly insert animations (GIF, SAN, EAN etc) onto ArtCards - click 'Copy Cells' link (copy whole animation), or 'Copy' link (first animation cell) - from AAC select 'Animation > Paste' option
See our Resource Library 1 - Resource Library 5 for graphic content
Multilingual interface - see our Select Language
Realtime Help - hover mouse over for instant, specific help
Integrated Help (See also left panel Links / Help for online Help)
Built-in help viewer with additional html / plain text external viewing options
Built-in delete program option
No installation

This download is marked as adware because it displays advertisement banners or other type of commercials while running.

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