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Friday 09th of December 2016

Category: Network-Tools/Network-Information

Hardware Inspector 3.3.87

Author: Database Harbor Software
Operation System: Windows All
License: Demo , 80 $ to buy
Size: 13.2 MB
Date: 2008-02-20

Hardware Inspector descriptionInventory tracking solution for corporate and networks IT infrastructureHardware Inspector tracks PCs, their configuration, hardware installed, serial numbers for IT equipment or their parts and other critical IT inventory data.

With Hardware Inspector, there is no need to enter all this information manually, though this option is certainly available. Your software for hardware inventory...

Since the program is capable of importing data from ASTRA, ASTRA32, EVEREST or AIDA32 reports, all current IT inventory information can be entered with a single mouse click.

Best of all, Hardware Inspector comes with a mighty strong but very straightforward reporting module, capable of creating a variety of helpful reports, such as "Hardware Profile", "Workstation Report", "List of Hardware", "Stock Numbers", "Workstation Output", "Maintenance Performed" – or any other custom report necessary.

All data and reports are easily exported to MS Excel. Moreover, the program is easily scalable, so it does not matter if there are ten PCs in your company or ten thousands – there is no limit for database entries.

Hardware Inspector allows several administrators to access inventory database online, which is a desirable feature that most similar applications lack. The number of databases in the program is not limited either, so you can track IT hardware for different offices/departments/buildings separately.

Hardware Inspector makes servicing IT equipment and providing helpdesk services a much faster and more efficient process. Flexible licensing makes purchasing the program a very sound decision – a mere 80 dollar investment for a 50-workstation company.

Here are some key features of "Hardware Inspector":
Easy to install and use.
Low system requirements.
Keeps records of every hardware device - not the workstations' general overview.
Monitors history of hardware transfers, repairs, and maintenance.
Besides manual data entry, the program supports data import from the common computer configuration analysis software - ASTRA, ASTRA32, EVEREST and AIDA32. This will relieve you from the routine database maintenance work.
Automatic acquisition of detailed information on the hardware.
Maintains a uniform database of unique information that often cannot be retrieved by a visual check of the hardware: e.g. serial numbers of memory modules, manufacture date, hardwares technical properties, etc.
Convenient representing of hardware's location in a tree-like department view.
Powerful hardware search engine.
Flexible data access management.
Great number of reports: "Hardware Profile", "Workstation Report", "List of Hardware", "Stock Numbers", "Workstation Output", "Maintenance Performed" etc.
Capability of exporting the reports into MS Excel sheets based on user-defined templates.
Unlimited number of serviced databases.
Supports multi-user online access to databases.
Customizable interface.
Storing information on all hardware and processing the information using one database allows prompt retrieving various information: from data on a specific hardware unit through technical supports report on the work that has been done.
Flexible pricing policy whereas the price for the software depends on the number of computers in the organization.
One purchased license entitles you for using the software on any number of computers within an organization.
Free software updates for one year since the program purchase date.
Free and prompt technical support.
The software is based on the real-life experience in maintenance and inventorying of several hundreds of computers. The program has been developed with a substantial input from our clients and beta-testers.

NOTE: By default, the "Administrator" operator does not have a password. Thus, simply press the Ok button without entering a password.

The life period of each database is 30 days; each database may contain not more than 10 workstations

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