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Saturday 10th of December 2016

Category: Office-tools/Fax-Telephony

Fax Machine 4.26

Author: Nico Cuppen Software
Operation System: Windows All
License: Trial , 29.95 $ to buy
Size: 3.28 MB
Date: 2008-02-07

Fax Machine descriptionTurns your scanner and modem into a fax machine, send and receive faxesNico Fax Machine - Got a scanner and a fax modem? Why not combine those two into a fax machine. Put a document on your scanner's glass, start Fax Machine, press Scan a page, press Send fax, fill in the recipient telephone number and press Fax it. That's all.

Fax Machine takes the hassle out of scanning and faxing. No difficult
settings to make, very user friendly.

If you enabled your scanners Automatic Document Feeder (ADF), Fax Machine
will automatically make use of it. All documents in the ADF will be scanned
and faxed.Fax Machine is a software that allows you to sens and recive faxes.

Fax Machine also contains a printer driver, which lets you "print" to
Fax Machine from any Windows application that supports printing.

Of course Fax Machine can not only send faxes, but also receive them. It
can even forward a fax by e-mail!

Here are some key features of "Fax Machine Pro":
∑ Distinctive Ring support
∑ Can forward received faxes by e-mail, even automatically right after the fax is received
∑ Can print received faxes automatically right after the fax is received
∑ Can print log of sent and received faxes, or save these logs to a text file
∑ Can be set to start when Windows starts
∑ You can specify what printer to use to print send confirmations and received faxes.
∑ Is available in English, Dutch, French, German, Italian and Spanish. Choose your language when installing the application.

∑ A scanner that complies with the TWAIN standard (most scanners do).
∑ A class 1, 2 or 2.0 fax modem on serial port 1 through 8 of your PC. This must be a genuine analog fax modem.
∑ What about cable, DSL or ISDN?
∑ Many users donít realize that faxing is a function that can only use analog phone lines and analog fax modems. Accordingly, no fax software will function with cable modems or DSL lines. With some DSL connections you can obtain a DSL line filter, suitable for connecting a standard analog voice line to the DSL line, and you can then connect an analog fax modem to that line.
∑ If you have no analog modem or analog phone line, you can't use Fax Machine.

∑ 30 days trial.

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