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Sunday 04th of December 2016

Category: Internet/WEB-Design/HTML-Editors


Author: D Zakharov
Operation System: Windows All
License: GPL
Size: 581 KB
Date: 2007-07-03

DZ WebCoder descriptionWebCoder is very fast and comfortable non-visual editor (Non-WYSIWYG, HTML Notepad) for web-design with wide features.WebCoder is a very fast and comfortable non-visual editor (Non-WYSIWYG, HTML Notepad) for web-design with wide features.

It may edit most web-designed formats and can also be used as a plain text editor.

Here are some key features of "WebCoder":
Designed for editing HTML, XML, WML, CSS, JS, VBS, PHP and PERL/Python; can be used as plain text editor;
Syntax highlighting;
Able to open very big files and work fast;
Shell functions (Rename file, Delete file, Change file attributes), Mixed functions (Select all and copy) and some other functions (Past text from file, Save text to file);
Basic options available;
Allmost of functions has shortcuts. Ctrl+Enter Insert
, Ctrl+Space  , etc. It's very comfortable;
Quick insert almost of HTML tags;
Supports Bookmarks;
Alternative text selection mode;
Full screen mode looks so simply (views only main menu and text editor). Switch off syntax highlighting and you'll got Notepad ;)
Supports codepages: WINDOWS-1251, ISO8859-5, KOI8-U, MAC-U, DOS 866; Autodetect Windows-1251, KOI8-U and DOS 866;
Tool for detect color of any viewable pixel and tool to protect your e-mail from spamers;
Quick start apps for web-develop;
Multi-language, by default you have english, russian and ukrainian;
Integration with Windows Explorer, IE and Opera; supports Drag&Drop

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