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Wednesday 07th of December 2016

Category: Multimedia/Graphic/Graphic-Viewers

HomeGallery 2.5

Author: GRR Systems
Operation System: Windows All
License: Demo
Size: 7 MB
Date: 2007-05-12

HomeGallery is a new experience in viewing digital photos.

HomeGallery’s main functions are:
Using voice commands to browse collections of photos on the computer. This is a great way to show collections of photos to friends utilizing the "describe" feature (a verbal description of each image read aloud by the computer as they are viewed).

Set Windows wallpaper to change images while working on your computer. Images can be set for specified intervals to change by the minute, hour, or each day. HomeGallery is excellent for viewing photos of vacations, family & friends, or Art downloaded from the Internet due to three features : 1) there is a graphical interface that remains in place allowing easy access to run or stop HomeGallery [see: Sample Screen Shot]; 2) images are automatically changed at the interval you specify; and 3) Desktop Wallpaper is used so images remain in the background as you work.

Use a child’s voice to describe a collection of photos in a cute, warm way i.e. describing her own birthday party, a family vacation, or a chronological depiction of the various stages of her life.

Have a dedicated computer for displaying images that anyone can walk up to and use their voice to have it show any image or set of images in your collection, and tell it how often to change the photos(every ten seconds, every hour, once a day, etc).

One scenario demonstrated was having a computer screen built into a wall with a microphone attached, where a person could walk up to it as if it were a picture on the wall and see fine art images change automatically or tell the computer to go "Forward" to see the next picture.

By using the Art & Music feature, a collection of art from the masters can be accentuated by classical music. It can be challenging finding the right music to go with a collection of masterpieces but the combination of art and music can be an uplifting experience, and well worth the trouble of putting the pieces together. With HomeGallery multiple sets of art and music could be put together to keep the experience fresh. You could put music to your own collection of photos : Imagine Tchaikovsky being played with photos of your favorite little girl skating in the winter, or some fast rock being played with your favorite sports action shots.

Demos and instructions. When HomeGallery is first installed it iterates through a list of images describing it’s capabilities. Demos can be one way, where the computer iterates of the images and reads out descriptions of those images, or it can be two way, where the person using the demo instructs the computer when to move forward (using either their voice or using a mouse).

HomeGallery can be your incentive to start collections of Images you may not of thought of before or always thought would be nice but never did.

Use HomeGallery as a voice controlled music player.

Scan or download the CD cover of your band, store that image in a category folder, then create a .m3u file(a file listing a set of MP3 file names and locations) with the same name as the image.

When you say, for example, ‘Category Yellow Submarine’, the CD cover will be displayed and the music played!

This is an off-shoot of the Art & Music feature, and works very nicely if you have a wireless microphone and would like to command your music from anywhere in the home (or outside in the yard if you have a speaker there and your microphone has the range).

· 166 Mhz Pentium minimum. A 300 Mhz Pentium II is recommended for smooth voice recognition.
· Between 10 and 50 meg of disk space, depending on the type of install.
· 64MB of memory.
· Sound Card.
· Microphone.
· Speakers.

· image number limited in demo version

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