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Wednesday 07th of December 2016

Category: Multimedia/Graphic/Graphic-Viewers

Picture Slide Show 4.1

Author: Kaptech Ltd.
Operation System: Windows All
License: Freeware
Size: 1.21 MB
Date: 2007-05-03

Picture Slide Show application will let you continuously displays all the pictures in a folder. You can tell it which folder to look at and how long to display a picture for.

Picture Slide Show can display ICO, BMP, EMF, GIF, JPG, PNG, and WMF files.
Picture Slide Show is easy to use.

Here are some key features of "Picture Slide Show":
· Maximum time to show slide show (after which it is stopped). This allows PCs to go into standby mode.
· Sort pictures before displaying, including real randomness (all images are randomly displayed before they're shown again)
· Command line start-up: if you provide a folder when starting Picture Slide Show, the slide show begins immediately. This is useful for creating autostart CDs. Other command-line switches let you set various options.
· Include subfolders
· Shortcut keys for complete keyboard control
· Picture cache results in pictures being displayed more quickly.
· Pictures are displayed continuously or the show stops after all pictures have been displayed.
· Option of exiting when the picture slide show is stopped.
· Smoother image transition using the Clear image after each display option.
· Disable screen saver during show.
· Manual mode lets you control the slide show using the keyboard. The next picture is not automatically displayed until you decide.
· The picture list can be rescanned when the show is being wrapped around. This lets you add pictures to a running show knowing they’ll be picked up when the show wraps around.
· Help file

NOTE:Picture Slide Show is FREEWARE (unless you require a Distribution Licence). Registration is optional for most people. The program will continue working if you don’t register, and there won’t be any nag messages or advertisements!

If you find Picture Slide Show useful, want to contribute to its success, or use it commercially, please consider registering (it's only ten dollars!).
Normal registration is $10.
Distribution licence is $29.

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