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Friday 09th of December 2016

Category: Office-tools/Fax-Telephony

Skype Forwarder

Author: Twilight Utilities
Operation System: Windows All
License: Shareware
Size: 1.88 MB
Date: 2007-04-12

Skype Forwarder uses a voice modem as a gateway between the Skype network and your telephone provider, forwarding in both directions.

Skype Forwarder also will provide full answering machine services for the gateway, saving both phone and Skype messages if needed.

Skype Forwarder is simple to install and transparent to use. If it successfully detects your modem you add your Skype contacts to your extension list and forget about it.

Skype Forwarder runs in your system tray using a discrete popup to notify you of attending voice mail. Let Skype Forwarder cut the chains to your desk and give you greater global reach.

Here are some key features of "Skype Forwarder":
Intelligently detects many voice modem types
Complete Telephone Answering Machine (TAM)
Complete Skype Answering Machine (SAM)
Forwards incoming telephone calls to Skype buddies
Forwards incoming Skype calls to phone
Password protection for telephone access
SkypeOut from your cellphone
Automation is sensitive to your Skype status
CallerID support

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