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Saturday 03rd of December 2016

Category: Office-tools/Fax-Telephony

Phone Plus 7.0.0

Author: Impulse Technology
Operation System: Windows All
License: Trial
Size: 1.60 MB
Date: 2007-04-09

Phone Plus was designed as a telephone dialer, speakerphone, and contact manager with full Caller ID support.

The Caller ID and Speakerphone features are both optional.
Organize names, numbers, addresses, and other information in multiple user-defined phone books, and dial using a standard Data/Fax modem. Phone Plus integrates with the Windows Dialing Properties dialog.

This gives you automatic number formatting for different dialing locations, and support for calling cards and long distance provider prefixes. Phone Plus can auto-redial busy numbers, and can keep a log of both incoming and outgoing calls. Your phone books and the call log can be printed and exported.

If you have a Caller ID capable modem, Phone Plus can display a callers name and number in a pop-up window

Here are some key features of "Phone Plus":
Announce callers using any SAPI compliant text-to-speech engine. Phone Plus can speak the caller's name. Or a custom wave file can be played for any caller. This helps you decide whether to answer a call or not without having to run and check your Caller ID box.
Phone Plus can automatically answer certain calls, including Blocked and "Out of Area" calls, play a pre-recorded message to the caller, and then hang up. Or get rid of any caller by clicking the "Zap Caller" button.
When you are really busy, a "Do Not Disturb" feature only allows important callers to get through.
An E-mail Notification feature can send a message after receiving a call to any e-mail account including any alphanumeric pager or wireless phone with e-mail capability. The message can include the caller's name, phone number, and the time they called

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