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Sunday 04th of December 2016

Category: Internet/WEB-Design/HTML-Editors

Amaya 9.55 beta

Author: INRIA and W3C
Operation System: Windows NT/2K/XP
License: Freeware
Size: 7.73 MB
Date: 2007-03-31

Amaya is a Web editor, i.e. a tool used to create and update documents directly on the Web. Browsing features are seamlessly integrated with the editing and remote access features in a uniform environment. This follows the original vision of the Web as a space for collaboration and not just a one-way publishing medium.

Work on Amaya started at W3C in 1996 to showcase Web technologies in a fully-featured Web client. The main motivation for developing Amaya was to provide a framework that can integrate as many W3C technologies as possible. It is used to demonstrate these technologies in action while taking advantage of their combination in a single, consistent environment.

Amaya started as an HTML + CSS style sheets editor. Since that time it was extended to support XML and an increasing number of XML applications such as the XHTML family, MathML, and SVG. It allows all those vocabularies to be edited simultaneously in compound documents.

Amaya is a tool that allows you browse webpages.

What's New in This Release:

It was possible to copy/paste an image, but not to copy/paste a paragraph or a division including an image
Now, if nothing is selected Copy doesn't change the copy buffer
Generate a pop up message instead of a message in the status bar when the document cannot be saved
Amaya accepts both Esc and F2 to select the parent element
Use the same browse button in Open, New, Image, Object, and Save As dialogs
When an object is created, Amaya (WX) now proposes a larger set of MIME types and request an alternate contents
Sometimes the list of available classes in the Apply class tool was not correctly updated
In GTK versions Amaya used pixel font sizes instead of point font sizes
Amaya fonts could be lost
Amaya generates enclosing inline elements (span, strong, em, etc.) over the current selection when it's possible
Amaya changed charset=us-ascii into charset=iso-8859-1 when a iso-8859-1 character is inserted
Bad calculation of some symbol widths (MathML)
Sometimes the new inserted was displayed as a very small horizontal line
Hitting Enter twice before a within a div created a new paragraph after the
It was impossible to transform or create annotations for users using non-latin login name
Click and extend the drag to the right or top of a table selected the entire table element
Amaya was unable to properly display html parsing errors before and after css parsing errors
The spell-checker systematically generated a lang="en" attribute when the element had no such an attribute (even when the element html had a different lang attribute). So, Amaya sometimes didn't choose the right dictionary.
The spell-checker didn't replace with the better word input by the user, and press "Replace", but with the initial suggestion.
Spell-checker buttons are changed
When there is a replace text in the Find/Replace dialog, WX version forced the replace. Now the user can choose
Amaya didn't read compressed css files
Improve CSS parsing and formatting
Full support of CSS 2.1 selectors
The CSS parser accepts "::before" and "::after" in selectors, while displaying a warning message
Fix a set of crashes

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