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Sunday 04th of December 2016

Category: Network-Tools/Bandwidth-Tools

Bandwidth Controller Personal Edition 1.15

Author: Matt Johns
Operation System: Windows 2K/XP/2003
License: Freeware
Size: 2.97 MB
Date: 2007-03-19

Bandwidth Controller is a complete bandwidth management solution for IP based networks. It provides network administrators with traffic shaping and flow control capabilities, including automated components for internet allocation and provision.

After installing the product on any gateway or server, access is gained to all internet streams being used by the network. Each stream can be controlled using a combination of prioritization, guaranteed service levels and speed limiting. The classification system will allow full control over all types of data such as games, video, VoIP, web and e-mail.

The product consists of a core processor within the IP stack that performs low level bandwidth services like traffic monitoring and speed limiting. Incoming network packets are inspected and queued based on class. The data is later processed by user-defined and automated systems before being returned to the operating system for normal processing.

For larger networks, a single point of installation gives adminstrators centralized management and control of network resource allocation, providing greater flexibility and security over client-side solutions.

The server runs on the gateway computer and controls all user traffic between the internet and intranet. No client software or configuration is needed except for the manager application which can be installed on any machine for remote management of the server.

Router-Only Networks
The product can also be deployed in server-free mode which is suitable for networks that use a hardware modem or router instead of a gateway computer. All traffic is processed by a thin client application that spreads bandwidth evenly across active clients.

In the diagram on the left, each client receives 33% of total internet speed. When one of the clients finishes using the network resource the remaining two computers are given 50% each.

Users (concurrent): 1
Throughput: 3,687 kb/s
Rules: 5
Layer 3 Protocols: TCP
Addresses: 10
Network adapters: 3

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