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Saturday 10th of December 2016

Category: Office-tools/Fax-Telephony

DialDictate 4.10

Author: NCH Swift Sound Software
Operation System: Windows All
License: Shareware
Size: 880 KB
Date: 2007-03-10

DialDictate lets you dictate by telephone.

You, and other users, dial into a computer running DialDictate to record dictation. Recording, replay, editing and file management are controlled by pressing numbers on your telephone keypad.

DialDictate is a software that allows you record dictation.

When you have completed a recording, DialDictate can then immediately send the dictation for transcription by email, the local computer network or via the Internet.

With DialDictate you can dictate using most telephones. For example, you could dictate using a hands-free speakerphone or a cordless headset in your office, your car phone on the way to a meeting, your cell phone while you walk to work or even a payphone overseas.

Here are some key features of "DialDictate":
Supports 1 to 32 telephone lines.
Controls include record, play, rewind (constant pitch), fast-forward (constant pitch) and record edit.
Ability to send dictation recordings by email, local area network or internet.
Recordings can be saved and retrieved at a later date for amendment.
Uses the Audio Compression Manager to reduce audio file size and to speed transmission.
Up to 10,000 different users can use the one system each with customizable recipient and user information.
When used with the free Express Scribe Transcriber, your typist can transcribe with footpedal control and variable speed playback.
Fast setup and easy operation for day to day use.

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