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Sunday 04th of December 2016

Category: Office-tools/Fax-Telephony

FaxNow! 5.02 build 799

Author: RedRock
Operation System: Windows All
License: Trial
Size: 14.8 MB
Date: 2007-03-06

FaxNow! Business Edition is the latest release of our award winning network fax software. With loads of new features and our obsession with simplicity and reliability, FaxNow! provides you with all the software you'll ever need to fax enable your entire network - easily!

For detalis about the software's price please send an email directly to producer's address.

Here are some key features of "FaxNow":
Search ahead
A new feature of FaxNow! 5, "Search Ahead" searches through your default PhoneBook as you enter the addressing details of your intended recipient. You can search ahead on any field in the Destination dialog. If FaxNow! locates a matching PhoneBook record while you're typing, it populates the remaining destination fields with relevant address information.

Search PhoneBooks
You can search for records in PhoneBooks using the Find button. Find enables you to select a single record, group(s) or an entire phonebook to fax to. You can also search and retrieve records from Microsoft Outlook or WinFax PRO PhoneBooks.

Send method
With FaxNow! 5, you can send your fax via the internet. The send method can also be selected as "preferred" method in a recipients PhoneBook record.

Save Copy To:
Use this option to save a copy of your sent fax to a specified FaxNow! folder. Ideal for managing your faxes. This selection can also be defined within a PhoneBook record by default.

Bill To:
Enter a billing or accounting code for your fax or fax broadcast. The billing information you enter is automatically assigned to the fax and can be used to analyse costs or useage using the FaxNow! Activity Reporter module. This field can also be defined within a PhoneBook record.

This tab displays a list of the receipients that your fax is addressed to. Recipients can be included from FaxNow! PhoneBooks, Outlook or WinFax address lists, or just entered in the destination fields manually.

Select the coverpage required for your fax from this tab. The CoverPage tab displays all the Global or Private CoverPages that are available to you. CoverPages can be created easily using the FaxNow! CoverPage Generator.

Sending Faxes from E-mail
FaxNow! supports sending and receiving faxes from all of the most popular email systems including: Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Mail, Lotus Notes, Lotus cc:Mail, Novell GroupWise, MAPI compliant email systems

30 days trial
1 evaluation fax line
5 users only

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